The New Era presented at the Yacht Club de Monaco

23 November 2020
Article sur la première sortie du démonstrateur The New Era, pour le congrès organisé par le Yacht Club de Monaco

November, 19th 2020

It was time for our prototype The New Era to come out into the daylight and leave the La Ciotat construction site. And what better opportunity than to present the world’s first hydrogen-powered pleasure yacht for two days on the terrace of the prestigious Yacht Club de Monaco? This year, the Y.C.M. organized a congress on the theme of “Hydrogen and the yachting of tomorrow”. It was held from September 22 to 23, 2020.

A very remarkable outing for our hydrogen yacht The New Era

Première sortie du yacht à hydrohène vert HYNOVA hors du chantier naval de la Ciotat
First outing from the La Ciotat shipyard for our demonstrator The New Era.
Chloé ZAIED en pleine interview sur la première sortie du yacht The New Era
Chloé in the middle of a TV interview during the release of the first HYNOVA 40.

A very symbolic moment for the whole HYNOVA team.

We were really looking forward to presenting our first HYNOVA 40, what’s more, in such a prestigious place: the Yacht Club de Monaco.

The Yacht Club de Monaco

Vue aérienne du Yacht Club de Monaco 2020
Aerial view of the Yacht Club de Monaco

This year, the Yacht Club de Monaco organized a major event around the advent of hydrogen. The congress, called “Hydrogen and Yachting of Tomorrow”, was held on September 22, 2020.

The conference began with an environmental assessment, including the level of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. An important step to underline the importance and urgency of the ecological transition.

Chloé ZAIED, CEO of HYNOVA, Jérémie Lagarrigue, CEO of EODEV and the REXH2.

Then, in the presence of H.S.H. Sovereign Prince Albert II, President of the Yacht Club de Monaco, several speakers explained the advantages of hydrogen as an alternative to the use of diesel.

Our demonstration yacht, The New Era, was just a few meters from the speakers and attracted a lot of attention. HYNOVA was cited as an example for the concrete application of the green hydrogen solution during the conference.

Mike Horn was the guest of honour

Among all the yachting enthusiasts present at the congress, Mike Horn was the guest of honor of the Yacht Club de Monaco. We had the immense joy of exchanging at length with him.

Mike Horn the explorer and Chloé Zaied, CEO of HYNOVA
Mike Horn, the explorer and Chloé Zaied, CEO of HYNOVA

The day of the 23rd was punctuated by visits and presentations of our demonstrator The New Era. The yachting enthusiasts, received by invitation, were all very enthusiastic to discover the pure and modern lines of our yacht The New Era. It was also an opportunity for them to learn more about the concepts of electro-hydrogen and green hydrogen engines. The big star of these presentations was undoubtedly our fuel cell, developed by Eodev, our partner. We tell you more about it below.

Green hydrogen, the key to ecological transition

Chloé ZAIED devant le Yacht The New Era, sur la terrasse du Yacht Club de Monaco
Chloé ZAIED in front of the Yacht The New Era, on the terrace of the Yacht Club de Monaco

Our hydrogen-powered production yacht solution is a unique concept in the world. Indeed, The New Era is the first yacht using hydrogen stored on board. This way, it cruises without polluting.

Cruising without impact

The electro-hydrogen technology of our boat is designed by Energy Observer Developments (Energy Observer’s R&D subsidiary). Our hydrogen yacht is equipped with REXH2 (Range Extender Hydrogen). This is a zero-emission, silent and hybrid hydrogen-electric process. It remains a safe and sustainable ecological innovation to supply green energy to an electric motor.

“In addition to thinking and designing tenders that have the least possible impact on the environment, I want to inform, promote and advance the share of green hydrogen in tomorrow’s world, and make HYNOVA YACHTS a link in the change towards new modes of behavior. It is a way to participate, at my level, in tomorrow’s ecological transition”.

Chloé Zaied – CEO of HYNOVA

Beyond this innovation in marine propulsion, HYNOVA’s ambition is to promote green hydrogen as a new non-polluting energy source. Indeed, green hydrogen is an efficient renewable energy storage solution. It therefore allows to reliably use surplus production from wind, solar, or tidal power at any other time.


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