Our vision

Vue sous-marine océan turquoise palmiers et poissons

“Because blue is the new green” Chloé Zaied, CEO

Nature’s ecosystem is the most precious part of our planet and we must do our very best to protect it. Hynova’s tender yachts will succeed in respecting the environment and create an alternative to your average day boat, one which will revolutionize the yachting world with a remarkable renewable energy.

As passionate mariner, Chloé and her team work hard towards making the world a cleaner and greener place, hence blue (the water) being the new green. This notion may evoke different meanings to each individual however the idea of blue being the water, a playground for many, is essentially what we are working towards keeping clean.

une jeune femme souriante sur son tender yacht

The HYNOVA Promise

HYNOVA is a unique concept, an adventure, a dream. HYNOVA was born from the aspirations of a young woman, Chloé Zaied, a sailor by training, who wants to participate in the 3rd revolution, as J. Rifkin called it, the one essential to life: the ecological transition.

In addition to designing and marketing tender yachts that are truly adapted to day sailing, with the least possible impact on the environment, HYNOVA’s mission is not only to be a link in the change, but if possible an accelerator of this change towards new modes of behaviour. Taking advantage of this technology, and in accordance with the personal values of the founder of HYNOVA, our company and its employees will be committed to informing, promoting and advancing the share of green hydrogen in tomorrow’s world, as an advantageous alternative and an incredible energy vector.

Enter a new era

HYNOVA has a global vision of the world and the needs of luxury yachting and its goals are multiple

  • Of course, it is a question of designing and marketing unique yacht tenders that go beyond customer expectations in a permanent concern not to produce harmful, dangerous or polluting goods.
  • But also to produce while preserving the environment and natural resources, while guaranteeing product quality and safety for consumers and workers.
  • A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the heart of the HYNOVA project, which translates into the company taking responsibility towards all its members and all aspects of society. HYNOVA makes every effort to be in a process of constant improvement and aiming to protect the environment in conjunction with all partners, suppliers, institutions, customers and employees.

For HYNOVA, it is a question of applying the principles of sustainable development at its own level: « satisfying present needs while allowing future generations to satisfy theirs ».

Made in France

The essence of Hynova 40 is to remain loyal to the environment and use a range of eco-friendly materials, made in France. The idea is to use a maximum of materials that have as little damage to the environment as possible. All of the yacht tenders will be made in France. Our Naval yard, EC2Z, is located in La Ciotat, between Marseille and Toulon.

Energy Observer Development

For Hynova, the future is now

Well aware that her passion and profession for navigation is one of the most polluting industries, Chloé Zaied is certain that Hydrogen fuel is the way of the future. This project took great importance after having met with the team from Energy Observer Development, whom then decided to make Hynova its new project.