Hydrogen Fuel

vague en transparence et gouttes d’eau

The best source of renewable energy.

Having considered multiple clean energy forms to drive the vessel, using hydrogen driven by electric engines as a source of fuel is the most efficient way to minimize all environmental damage.

Watch our video explaining the reasoning behind Hydrogen Fuel adopted by Hynova

HYNOVA utilizes a silent electric engine driven by the hydrogen stored on board the vessel as a source of fuel. We have made a short video (1min) to enable you to discover the world of liquid hydrogen for maritime purposes and discover the technology which surrounds it. The concept of Green Hydrogen consists of generating electricity from a renewable source. This electricity then separates the oxygen from the hydrogen and is then used to fuel the vessel. ​It is the ​hydrogen obtained through the electrolysis of water. ​This is a non-polluting alternative that HYNOVA will be implementing.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

It constitutes roughly 75% of mass on the planet. It is the most abundant natural resource on this planet. An essential way of obtaining water (H20), consisting of two hydrogen atoms called “Dihydrogen” (H2) and oxygen atoms (O). Both of these elements combined produce the H20 molecule otherwise known as water. The human body is made up of 60% water and 9.5%  hydrogen. This represents roughly 7.8 kg for a man weighing 80 kg. Hydrogen is not only non-polluting, it’s unlimited and found everywhere around us.

Technological innovation

The technology behind hydrogen has been used in the automobile industry, notably for luxury vehicles, and we are seeing an increasing amount of ferries and buses running off hydrogen around the world. This technology can enable us to travel without polluting the environment. Did you know that our engines only emit water ? If we wanted to, we could even drink this same water. It is totally harmless even for the flora and fauna on our planet. If the water we are drawing in to create this energy is clean and renewable.

Hydrogen must play a key role in our transition towards renewable energy

Advantages of Hydrogen

Eco-boats, custom-made, designed for the sea.

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HYNOVA and Energy Observer Developments (EODEV): an partnership  

EODEV was the first company to operate a vessel which could go around the world relying purely on hydrogen as their source of fuel. They created a way to generate their own hydrogen on board the vessel, a revolutionary method using only clean energy. The company developed the idea in collaboration with engineers from the CEA-liten. Their objective was to test the efficiency of a system powered by electric propulsion using a mix of renewable energys, producing carbon free hydrogen from seawater.

Energy Observer started a world tour aiming to reach 6 years of travel (April 2017-2022), putting forth the benefits of this new renewable technology and starting the transition into an era of clean energy, one of hydrogen fuelled vessels.

If you are interested in more information regarding this production, the utilization and advantages of hydrogen, you can visit the link to EODEV and see the documents they have put forth.



Le catamaran Energy Observer de nuit, un pont s’ouvrant pour le laisser passer

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