Hydrogen Fuel

vague en transparence et gouttes d’eau

The best source of renewable energy.

Having considered multiple clean energy forms to drive the vessel, using hydrogen driven by electric engines as a source of fuel is the most efficient way to minimize all environmental damage.

Watch our video explaining the reasoning behind Hydrogen Fuel adopted by Hynova

HYNOVA combines a silent electric motor powered by hydrogen stored on the boat as an energy source.
We offer you a short video (1min) to help you discover this incredible technology!

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

It constitutes roughly 75% of mass on the planet. It is the most abundant natural resource on this planet. An essential way of obtaining water (H20), consisting of two hydrogen atoms called “Dihydrogen” (H2) and oxygen atoms (O). Both of these elements combined produce the H20 molecule otherwise known as water. The human body is made up of 60% water and 9.5%  hydrogen. This represents roughly 7.8 kg for a man weighing 80 kg. Hydrogen is not only non-polluting, it’s unlimited and found everywhere around us.

Technological innovation

This technology benefits from decades of research and is already used in the automotive industry, but also for river shuttles or hydrogen buses, which are already in operation in France and abroad.

Hydrogen is the solution we have all been looking for, allowing us to move around without polluting: our engine only emits heat and water. This water then feeds a new virtuous cycle: recovered, it is used for the needs of life on board.

Hydrogen must play a key role in our transition towards renewable energy

Advantages of Hydrogen

HYNOVA and EODEV: a successful partnership  

Energy Observer is originally the name of the first autonomous hydrogen ship with zero emissions, zero noise, both a plea and a laboratory for the ecological transition.

Over time, the Energy Observer project has become a real actor of change by creating its own innovation laboratory on land, EODev.

Its objective? To use the expertise of its years of sailing and the knowledge acquired by its engineers to design, assemble and distribute zero-emission energy systems on an industrial scale. Where the ship tests these technologies in extreme conditions, EODev takes charge of deploying them in different sectors of activity where these solutions make sense, and thus make them accessible to all.


Le catamaran Energy Observer de nuit, un pont s’ouvrant pour le laisser passer

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