Change of shipyard for The New Era and HYNOVA at the Ever exhibition in Monaco

20 November 2020
HYNOVA au salon Ever Monaco 2020

November, 19th 2020

In September, a lot happened, including The New Era, our demonstrator changed sites. HYNOVA also took part in the Ever exhibition in Monaco, in the presence of HSH Prince Albert, to present our hydrogen-powered yacht solution. Moreover, it was our first official show. So we will come back on the highlights of this event dedicated to renewable energies.

At the same time, the construction of our demonstrator The New Era is coming to an end; and we have started the long series of finishing touches to present an innovative and functional tender. We have taken some pictures to let you experience with us the progress of the work!

Work under pressure

Logo HYNOVA appliqué sur le sol du Yacht à hydrogène vert
The deck of the boat during construction

It was a real pleasure to exchange regularly with all the professionals who collaborated to present as soon as possible our demonstrator The New Era. Indeed, each step was crucial because all the trades had to be coordinated in order not to lose time. And we are delighted with the result because the boat was able to be presented at the congress “Hydrogen and Yachting of Tomorrow” organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco. We will talk about it again. Among all the many service providers who worked on the demonstrator while it was still at the La Ciotat shipyards, we can thank the teams of Dr. Schutz France, Once Design Vichy, and Deldisenio. They were able to be reactive and even creative so that the yacht was ready to be exhibited as soon as it left the shipyards.

To view our behind-the-scenes assembly at the shipyard, click HERE.

Travail de finition du bateau The New Era au chantier naval de la Ciotat
Vue d'ensemble du chantier HYNOVA - Dr Schutz France


Chloé et Laetitia devant le stand HYNOVA au salon Ever Monaco 2020
HYNOVA’s team : Laetitia and Chloé during the préparation of the stand

“I’m happy to be at the EVER show in Monaco, to talk about the HYNOVA 40, this unique boat model, which is aimed at pioneers, at people looking for something not only innovative, aesthetic, but also and above all, environmentally friendly. »

Stand CLYD et HYNOVA YACHTS au salon Ever Monaco 2020
The stand ready to welcome the visitors

A must in the renewable energy sector

The Ever Monaco exhibition is a key event among the actors of the renewable energy sector. Every year, for three days, the Ever Monaco exhibition is a real theater of international meetings. The themes addressed are Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies. It therefore seemed only natural for us to take part in such an event, and to be able to present HYNOVA. The first hydrogen-powered pleasure yachts marketed as standard in the world.

Enriching encounters at the cutting edge of technology

For this exhibition, we were at the side of our partner, CLYD. It was an opportunity to present our hydrogen yacht solution to dozens of people invested in the environment, including HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. We were delighted with each of our exchanges, and our concept was very warmly welcomed throughout these three days of the show.

“In addition to technological innovation, I wanted to offer a top-of-the-range boat model with sleek, futuristic lines. Respect for the environment doesn’t have to be boring or sad.


Présentation de concept HYNOVA à SAS le Prince Albert II de Monaco
Chloé present our concept to HSH The Prince Albert of Monaco

Next meeting: the Yacht Club de Monaco

Following this show, the Yacht Club de Monaco generously invited Chloé Zaied, our CEO, to present our demonstrator The New Era at their “Hydrogen and Yachting of Tomorrow” event. This event was held on September 22nd of this year 2020 in the presence of Mike Horn, guest of honor. We’ll take a look behind the scenes in the next article.

Our demonstrator, The New Era, deserved its exhibition on the 3rd terrace of this prestigious establishment. We won’t tell you more, it will be the subject of our next article! The photographs that we realized by drone are magnificent, and illustrate well all the greatness of this event.


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